Race 2018

The race

Far de la Mola

2018 saw the celebration of the Formentera Trail 21.1 fifth edition. Five years of constant growth, with an increasing number of runners, both italian and foreigners for a charming trail running race. 

The variated itinerary, with technical sectors and in some stretches a demanding terrain, pleased both the more competitive runners and those in search of a more “explorative” and relaxed approach. Breathtaking landscapes, high cliffs overhanging a clear blue sea, smal gravel roads and single tracks: this is the receipt for a half marathon really diferent. 

The race, despite the bad forecasts - some rain was expected in the first part of the morning -  tuned out to be a prefect day for running, dry and fresh. This helped all the runners and expecially the slower athletes, more affected by high temperatures. 

Arrival under the finish line proceeded regularly, under a more and more warmer sun, balanced by a light fresh breeze, in a relaxed and merry atmosphere.

Giovanni Iommi won the leg after a duel with Martin Fiz, closing in 1.18’.00” ; the basque runner reached the second position with 1.18’.42”. In third position, with 1.19’.44”, the south-american William Aveiro who reconfirmed his last year’s performance.

Among women Enrica Carrara reconfirmed her great shape with a daily progression, winning the leg with 1.30’48”.  In second position Federica Schievenin, with an excellent 1.38’.47’’ and third Greta Pizzolato with 1.39’.47”.

At the end the usual party by La Mola lighthouse with a spanish-italian lunch - tortellini “Vecchia Modena” and paella valenciana – for all the runners.

See you in 2019 for a new, international, appealing edition ! 


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